The CASA volunteer advocate role is independent from the social services system and focuses solely on the child. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) caseworkers serve the entire family—parents and child—by providing direct services. DCFS caseworkers are not able to be a wholly independent voice because they are part of an agency that has already taken a position in the case by filing a petition and bringing the matter to court. Conversely, a CASA advocate is an independent voice, advocating on behalf of one particular child. Generally, a social worker is employed by state or local governments and can have dozens of cases at one time, making a comprehensive investigation of each case a challenge. The CASA advocate, however, is assigned specifically to a child or sibling group and can devote more time to his or her assigned case. The CASA advocate does not replace a social worker; he or she is an independent appointee of the court. The CASA advocate thoroughly examines a child’s case, investigates various community resources and makes recommendations to the court.