Macon County CASA

Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in Macon County, Illinois

Macon County CASA advocates for the best interest of abused and neglected children who are in the custody of the state of Illinois and under the protection of the Macon and DeWitt County courts.


Stacey’s advocacy has been especially helpful to foster teens with trauma. 


CASA volunteer Ada Owens is truly committed to working her cases with the ultimate goal of submitting timely, accurate, fact-based reports to the juvenile advocacy judge every six months. 


Longtime CASA advocate Mike Heger uses his desire to continue learning in order to advocate for his CASA kiddos with the most informed approach. 


No worries…our CASA staff provides each volunteer with all the child welfare education he/she needs in order to advocate successfully for their assigned foster children.

What We Accomplish


When a CASA advocate is assigned to a foster child’s case, he or she offers a sense of security for that child.  No matter the changes in living placement, no matter how long the child’s case remains in the court’s care, CASA will stay assigned, visiting the child regularly, rebuilding a sense of trust in adults, offering support to the child and both set of parents (biological and foster) in the form of resources for the child, and reporting back to the Juvenile Advocacy judge on concerns, successes, and ultimate recommendations for the child’s best interest. Read more


On average, an abused and neglected child in Macon County remains in foster care for just under 2 years.  CASA is diligent to ensure the best fit with an assignment of a volunteer to a foster child’s life.   We pair the volunteer’s strengths with the child’s needs to create a long-lasting relationship. Read more


The goal of CASA, the Juvenile Advocacy judge, the GAL, and case-working agencies is to reunify the child with his or her biological parents.  We know that the best place for children is with their biological parents; however, not in the same type of home that they were removed from, but in a rehabilitated home. Read more

Over 300 children in Macon County need an advocate.

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Macon County CASA has a portion of local programming funded by a grant from The Community Foundation of Macon County.